Mild Cognitive Impairment

Mild cognitive impairment is a medical condition that occurs in human beings as a result of ageing. There is widespread propaganda that confuses MCI to dementia which is not the same. People with dementia have trouble with their daily routine and functions while those with mild cognitive impairment just forget certain key factors. As of now, there are no drugs that can effectively treat MCI but several studies and research shows that people who tend to engage more with social activities have a lesser chance of acquiring MCI than there introverted brethren. Playing computer games, crafting, playing some sort of musical instrument all help in retaining the memory. The latest research was conducted on 532 people who develop small or mild cognitive impairment through a period of years and found those who engage more in social activities have done better. 42% of them had a lower risk in the later stage of life and 28 percentage of them had no memory of thinking problems at all.

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