Mindful Eating

Mindful eating has become the normal setting in the 21st century. Most of us have grown up eating late dinner while watching it over television. Nowadays, the only difference is that the television has been replaced by an even small screen. For a long time, we have forgotten about mindful eating and its many benefits. Today let us have a quick reminder about this blissful session.

The very first step is to cook a meal for yourself, something that you love and feel like having in the current moment. Of course if there is some sort of medication or condition that prevents you from having any of the ingredients then, by all means, you shouldn't and if another excuse comes in the form of you do not know how to cook then, I personally feel that it is a skill that everyone should learn just like swimming.

Once the meal has been prepared, arrange the food very nicely on a beautiful plate, after all, you have a very special guest that is yourself. Find an ideal place to dine where you are not distracted and preferably somewhere outdoors where technology cannot reach you very quickly. Have that first bite from your delicious food and find time to savour the taste. Chew it extremely well to such an extent that you follow the old saying ‘drink your food and chew your drink’ which refers to the fact that you have to you chew your food so much as it becomes that you just have to drink it in.

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