Ayurveda and Ghee

Ghee is always associated in our minds as a spoon of the same melting in a steaming bowl of something delicious. In addition to making our food taste better, it also can be used outside the kitchen to provide us a means of better skin care. In fact, Ayurveda has used it for as long as the first texts of Ayurveda have ever been recorded. Ayurveda says that it nurtures both the body and the intellect, down to the very core aspect of ourselves and it has been used for both preventative care as well as beauty routines. Some of the common practices of ghee outside the dining experience include:

•          Lip Balm: It helps for  natural beautiful, luscious lips

•          Elbows and Knees: Helps give that extra hydrating feature

•          Diaper rash. Using ghee with a touch of soothing Skin Balm helps protect your young one from any sort of rashes.

Some of the Ayurvedic treatments in Kannur revolve around educating the basis of these researches. The Ayurvedic massages in Kannur has found to be extremely rejuvenating.