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  • Theory classes by eminent teachers or doctors and practical classes by doctors or qualified panchakarma therapists.
  • Yoga classes by qualified & efficient yoga instructors.
  • Certificate will be issued after the successful completion of the course.
  • Every student can experience the treatment along with the training, as every student must be willing to present as specimen, which help the student to have a subjective feeling of the patient.


1 . One week course    - Basic  Knowledge  about Ayurveda and its Beauty Therapy. (BABT)
2 . Two weeks course  - Basic knowledge about Ayurveda and its Beauty therapy & various
     Massages. (BABM)

3 . Two weeks course  - Basic knowledge about Ayurveda various massages and kerala      cookery
4 . One month course  - Ayurvedic massage and Panchakarma Therapy. (AMPT)
5. Ayurvedic Massage and Panchakarma Therapy + Kerala Cookery with Ayurvedic Diet (AMCAD)

6 . Two months course- Ayurvedic massage and panchakarma therapy + Cosmetology plus
     identification of Herbals and Preparation of ayurvedic medicine (ACIHP)

Syllabus :
One week course    - Basic  Knowledge  about Ayurveda and its Beauty Therapy. (BABT)
1.Introduction to Ayurveda.
2.Branches of Ayurveda.
3.Principles of Ayurveda.
4.Diet and exercises.
5.Theoretical  knowledge  about  -  Head massage , Face massage , Facial , Face Pack ,  Foot  massage.
6. Practicals - Head massage,Face massage,Facial and Face pack,Foot massage,Preparation of Henna .
Two weeks course -Basic knowledge about Ayurveda & its Beauty therapy & various                                 Massages. (BABM)
1.Introduction to Ayurveda.
2.Branches of Ayurveda.
3.Principles of Ayurveda.
4.Diet and exercises.
5.Theoretical knowledge about - Head massage,Face massage,Facial,Face Pack,Foot massage.
6.Different types of massages in Ayurveda.
7.Massages depends on Treatment aspects and Rejuvenation
8.’7’ positions in Massage.
9.Indication and procedure of some massages.
10.Practicals - Head massage,Face massage,SPA therapy, Body massage,Foot massage,Preparation of Henna, Abyanga,Elakkizhi,Podikkizhi,Nhavarakkizhi .
One month course  - Ayurvedic Massage and Panchakarma Therapy. (AMPT)

1. Introduction to Ayurveda.
2. History of Ayurveda.
3. Different branches of Ayurveda.
4. Basic Principles of Ayurveda.
5. Panchakarma Therapy
6.Different types of treatments included in Ayurveda
7. Marma
8. Manas
9. About Ayurvedic Massages.- Indication, procedure and preparation.
10. Practicals.

  • Abyanga (oil massage).
  • Elakkizhi (bolus bag massage with medicinal leaves).
  • Nhavarakkizhi (bolus bag massage with nhavara rice).
  • Podikkizhi (bolus bag massage with medicinal powders).
  • Shirodhara.
  • Udhwarthana (Powder massage).
  • Nasyam.
  • Kadivasthi (for low back pain).
  • Greeva vasthi (for Neck pain).
  • Urovasthi (for chest pain).
  • Januvasthi (for knee – joint pain).
  • Akshitharpana (for improving the health of eyes).
  • Pizhichil (oil bath).
  • Uzhichil(Body massage)
Two months course- Ayurvedic  massage  and  panchakarma therapy + Cosmetology plus
                                  identification of Herbals and Preparation of ayurvedic medicine                                   (ACHP)
History of Bhaishajya Kalpana
Dravya and its classifications.
Aushadham (medicine) and its classifications.
Adharabhuta Sidhantas of Bhaishajya Kalpana
(Basic principles of ayurvedic pharmaceutics.)
Dravya Sangrahana (collection of herbs).
Detailed study of 60 Herbs
a) Family  b) Botanical name c) English name  d) Morphology
e) Chemical composition  f) Qualities  g) Functions h) Indications
I) Parts used  j) Dosage  k) preparations.
  • Avalehya (Confectionary preparation)
  • Anjana (Collyrium)
  • Arka preparation (Distillation)
  • Churna (Powder)
  • Guggulu purification & preparation.
  • Hima (cold infusion)
  • Kalka (Paste form)
  • Kwatha (Decoctions)
  • Mantha (thin gruel)
  • Netra, Mukha, Nasika & Dhumapana  kalpana
  • Panaka (Drinks)
  • Phanta (Hot infusion)
  • Swarasa kalpana (juice expressed)
  • Sneha & Taila kalpana (Medicated ghee& oil preparation).
  • Takra & Gritha from milk (medical purpose).
  • Vati (tablets)
  • Vasti kalpana (preparation of enema medicine).
  • Visha dravya shodhana (poison purification).


Duration: 2 Weeks Course

This is an exclusive course that will give you hands-on experience. Here we are introducing the South Indian food which is not served in restaurants in the way it is cooked at home. Also an opportunity to learn the way how it is cooked in the homesteads rather than in the commercial mass eating places. Almost every dish prepared at our centre has spices – cinnamon ,cardamom, cloves, ginger, garlic, cumin, pepper, corriander, turmeric etc…….-added to it, that add flavour and taste to them. Adding curry leaves also help on increasing digestion.
We introduce some food items that we have for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also some drinks which have medicinal value (ayurvedic drink), Keralites traditional favourite Kanji (rice gruel)and Payaru (green gram) is also introduced. Our guest can stay with us and learn the traditional kerala cookery along with some CBR special items. Thus you can enjoy the whole in one roof and make your days a memorable experience.




      2 weeks Course
IV. KALARIPPAYATTU (Kerala martial art)
Kalarippayattu  is the martial art peculiar to Kerala. Apart from endowing one with physical agility and prowess, this ancient art   equips  one  with  excellent concentration and mental  equipoise. Traditionally the people of Kerala learnt and practise  to perfect  Kalarippayattu  as an art of warfare. Now people learn it for a high degree of physical fitness and for self-defense.
The exercise in Kalarippayattu include :
Maippayattu- conditioning and foundation exercises   Kolthari- defense and attacks with a variety of wooden weapons.
Angathaari- exercises with sharp weapons including sword, spear and dagger.   Verumkai- barehanded defense and attack
      -2 weeks course
Syllabus :
Introduction to Kalarippayattu – history, purpose etc.
1. Two days intensive course in maippayattu. This will include the basic leg movements, jumps and postures of the body. Also choreographed movements.
2. Two days exercises with wooden batons and sticks. Basic defensive techniques with short stuff and long stuff. Also choreographed movements  with stick held.
3. Two days exercises with sharp weapons like dagger, sword and shield. This will include defensive techniques using shieled and daggers.
4. Two days course in bare handed defense, This will include blocks, breaks, locks, throns etc
 If specialized training for longer period is required in any of the above, the course wil be adjusted accordingly.
Schedule for 2017-2018 :
Date of commencement of classes :-


3RD JULY 2017


1ST AUG 2017


1ST SEP 2017


2ND OCT 2017


1ST NOV 2017


1ST JAN 2018


1ST FEB 2018


1ST MAY 2018
  Total seats-     12 NOS  
  Class timings -     10:00 AM - 12:30  PM  
      02:00 PM -  04:00 PM  
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