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Lack of exercise, unhealthy respiration, lack of nutritious food, untimely intake of food, usage of synthetic food etc are main reasons behind most of our health problems. To tackle all such problems an yearly reconditioning process is a must to do. A traditional ayurvedic massage and strict diet would help you achieve that.


Uzhichil is a type of massage practiced in Kerala as a part of kalarimarma treatment,which stimulates and activates the body and mind. This is normally done for a course of 7 days,14 days or 21 days.

Some of the main functions of massaging is eliminating wastes from the body and preparing the body to receive things immediately.

Action On Body & Mind :

As we know, the skin acts as the medium for the sunrays to penetrate our body. Through Uzhichil, the blood vessels and sensory nerves in the skin are activated first, which enhances the skin’s ability to receive the benefits from the sun and nature. By this way of activation of the sensory nerves, the brain receives more and more light messages from the surface of the body. This helps the smooth functioning of the brain. The typical way of applying pressure on muscles improves blood circulation and the functioning of the digestion and the lymphatic system. All the related systems also get activated through this process. The functioning of the brain definitely increases because of the activation of all other systems.
The person who has undergone the treatment will have a clean stomach, stimulated systems like blood, nerve, lymph, well activated organs like brain, heart, kidney, liver etc the body is also detoxified by this method.

There are certain strict rules to be complied with for Uzhichil:

  • It should not be done on a person who is suffering from some diseases like cancer, severe heart disease, etc…
  • Strict ayurvedic diet is recommended to be followed by the recipient during this period.
  • It should not be done either on a table or on pathi.
  • The recipient should lie down plated mat for uzhichil.
  • The recipient should be lie down with his head towards the east.
  • He should use water with the same temperature of his body for bath.

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