Distance Learning

Distance Learning/ E-learning

CBR Ayurhealth also conducts online distance learning/ E-learning program in Ayurvedic Massage and Panchakarma Therapy. Begin your studies at any time and learn at your own pace in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Apply online to get started today!


The ‘BASIC COURSE IN AYURVEDA’ is so designed that any aspirant, of Ayurveda & Panchakarma, regardless of their age or qualification can easily comprehend the lessons with minimal use of time and at a nominal price.


The syllabus is the same as that of One month Course- Ayurveda, Panchakarma and Cosmetology (APAC).

Course details:

The course syllabus consists of twelve modules extending for six months. The modules are in PDF format available in the Institution website. After enrolment to the course they will be provided with the User ID and password for unlocking the notes and the questionnaire to test their knowledge in those modules. They have to send the answers via E-mail which will be corrected, if necessary, by expert faculties of CBR. After the completion of the theory session they have to submit an assignment, based on a topic learnt, before attending the practical training.

After the six months course duration, those wishing to expand their sphere of knowledge can supplement the theory class with 10 days practical training for an additional amount (Those who want to extend the practical duration, can avail it with the payment of a negligible fee). The students can attend this practical training anytime from the enrolment date and complete latest by two years. They have the option to make the payment of both the theory and practical either together in the beginning or separately indicating a period during which they wish to join the practical. The practical date will be allotted subject to availability and may be altered at the discretion of management of the Institution. After making the payment for practical training they will be given access to download the practical notes from the website.

Course fee:

The entire course fee (theory and practical training) including accommodation charges Euro 500 / INR 39, 000. The aspirants can enroll to the above course by the payment of Euro 200 / INR 15, 500 and get their theory notes unlocked. By an extra payment of Euro 300 / INR 23, 500, they can unlock the practical notes and also undergo practical training at the Centre which includes 10 days accommodation and complementary breakfast.


Upon successful completion of the aforesaid, students are awarded with our “INSTITUTION CERTIFICATE” which is not government recognized. The certificate issued will specify either completion of theory or the entire course (with practical) as per the option chosen by the aspirants.On demand STED Council Certificate will be issued after the completion of the entire course with practical.

Marking scheme:

The entire course has a weightage of 400 marks. The theory carries 240 marks and practical training carries 160 marks.

For any further information or clarification regarding the course details kindly mail us at info@keralaayurhealth.com

Course Enrollment Process and Payment:

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