About Us

About CBR Ayurhealth

  • Welcome to a place where we strive towards the Ayurvedic Philosophy of achieving "perfect health". CBR Ayurhealth Study & Treatment Centre was started a few years back in Goa and Mysore. Later in 2003 the firm was established in Kannur, North Kerala, South India with the aim to provide a comprehensive professional training for those aspirants of yoga, Ayurveda massage, Panchakarma therapy and Kalari marma massage. The Founder Director of the centre Sri. C. Baburaj hails from traditional Ayurveda family. His ancestors were expert Ayurvedacharyas and he has been involved in Ayurveda for more than 15 years. He has gained practice in therapy, Yoga and Kalari from renowned experts in the respective fields. He has hands on in Ayurveda cookery & Beauty therapy. Till now they have trained a number of students from all over the world. For each student they give theoretical knowledge and sufficient practical experience in each massage and Panchakarma therapy.

  • Vision

    Our vision is to give the suitable service to our customers. We are always ready to take care of customers’ suggestion and try our best to serve them quickly.


    Our mission is to achieve customers’ satisfaction and increase the comfort level and facility to customers. It will help them to save both time and money.