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Online Consultation

CBR Ayurhealth has come up with Online Personal Ayurvedic Consultation to the people who are seeking Ayurveda medicines and treatments to cure their illness.

Ayurveda divides human energy into several mind-body types (or doshas). Each dosha has both positive and negative qualities and is affected by food, environment, lifestyle and movement practices. A balanced dosha brings happiness and ease, whereas an imbalance dosha fosters discomfort or illness.

Diagnosis is a very vital aspect of Ayurvedic treatment. Diagnosis according to Ayurveda is to find out the root cause of a disease. Ayurveda not only treats the physical aspect of the disease but it cures the total disease. All diseases are caused by aggravation of the three doshas i.e. Vata, Pitta and Kapha. All causative factors of disease internal or external directly or indirectly create an imbalance (increase or decrease) in these doshas first and only then do the symptoms of the disease be manifest. The causative factors can be the food, life style or other activities. Unless the proper diagnosis is done it is difficult to provide medicine and cure the disease. As Ayurveda treats according to the constitution of an individual, it is known as a highly accurate and personalized method of analyzing diseases. Modern medical practices will often pacify the symptom without addressing the cause. Ayurveda is a whole person healing process, treating body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Here, the consultation is done by veteran Ayurveda Doctors through E-mail. Only a brief medical history of the patient needs to be submitted after payment of a nominal fee. First we will review the patient's health history form. If the information is understood, necessary health suggestions are made; if any questions still exist, you are contacted for clarification.

  • This Ayurvedic Consultation will consist of
    • 1. Prakriti of patient
    • 2. Diagnosis of the disease
    • 3. Prescribing diets, lifestyles and home remedies.
    • 4. Suggesting medicines
    • 5. Recommending treatments, if necessary
Two easy steps for this Online Personal Ayurvedic Consultation:
How is it worth to you?

There are safe alternatives to surgical, radiation and chemical methods of treatment! Natural therapies and other practices like AYURVEDA—have been researched, taught and used for centuries to relieve stress and pain, to FEEL BETTER and to LIVE LONGER.