Peak Mental Performance

Who doesn't strive to achieve top not mental performance, Who doesn't am for more logical thinking and smarter decision making, Who doesn't wish for more cognitive abilities. I have seen many who claim that they are not born as smart but you all those I say if you have the right mind set and the will to learn you can indeed achieve this. According to Ayurveda the three essentials for a clever human being are

•             Diet

•             Sleep

•             Lifestyle

These three are the most important factors when it comes to our mental capabilities

Only if we have the right nutrients powering our body can we reach our prime stage. Of course, we also need to consume these in regular proportions and not exceed it.

The phrase all work and no play makes jack a dull boy is indeed true but in this case most of us prefer to remove sleep out of the equation so as to cover or do a lot more work but only if we get adequate sleep can the body mature and grow mentally.

Our lifestyle also makes a big difference, for example performing light yoga and exercise everyday can go a long way in helping us. One should also ensure to refrain from alcohol, caffeine and other harmful substances.