Chocolate Benefits

Cacao has always being used for a multitude of purposes throughout human history. They have been used as food, medicine and even currencies throughout the course of time. The reason is that in its raw form ‘Theobroma cacao’ has several antioxidants which can help protect us from free radicals keeping us vibrant and healthy. They also help counteract the effects of pollution, stress and chemicals that might have been ingested into the body by different means. So the next clever thing to do is not to rush to the nearest grocery store and pile up on chocolate bars because that is how you get diabetes because the ones that we get have been extremely adulterated and is void of any of the benefits mentioned above. I speak of raw cacao which has a very bitter taste, is light and dry and has a pungent aftertaste also making it difficult to digest and is not always preferable for everyone. It stimulates the mind and also has a heating energy

Some of the Ayurvedic treatments in Kannur revolve around educating the basis of these researches. The Ayurvedic massages in Kannur has found to be extremely rejuvenating.