Ayurveda Fasting

Even in this 21st century there a so much contradictory information about fasting that is readily available to us. Contrary to popular opinion, fasting does not necessarily mean going completely without food and it also doesn't mean depriving yourself or suffering through hunger periods. Ayurveda has a long tradition of utilizing fasting as a means to regain once lost health. Ayurvedic fastingrefers to deliberately choosing what to intake into your body whether it is through food or by any means of sensory input.

Ayurveda believes ama to be the root cause of all diseases. ama translates to undigested food matter and when you start to accumulate ama, it will lead to more than just physical health issues.

The benefits of fasting are that the digestive organs are the largest organs in the body without a doubt and they require a tremendous amount of energy to work optimally, resting the digestive tract by fasting frees up energy that can otherwise be used for healing. With fasting, the body feels lighter and regains its natural glow and our body knows how to heal itself, and will do so if we provide it with the nourishment it needs.

Some of the Ayurvedic treatments in Kannur revolve around educating the basis of these researches. The Ayurvedic massages in Kannur have found to be extremely rejuvenating.