Living the Ayurveda Style

There is a widespread misconception that to follow an Ayurvedic Lifestyle would require rigorous change and adamant discipline. Honestly, this is not the case, one just needs to do the basic things right, such as:


•        Walking for an adequate period of time, preferably with someone whose company you prefer.

•        Drink a good amount of water. Ensure to drink a steady amount right after consuming anything and a glass of     water  periodically.

•        Practice staying absolutely still and just be lost in your thoughts for a small portion of the time every day. Keep all   your gadgets including your mobile phone away.

•         Some light exercise in the morning would do you wonders. You don’t have to hit the gym or anything, merely do a   simple routine.

•         Have a routine for sleeping and waking up. Early to bed and early to rise is always a key motto

•         Never skip meals. No matter how busy or late you are. Don’t substitute the 4 daily meals.

•         Cleanliness is next to godliness and therefore personal hygiene should be of utmost concern.

Most of the Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala revolve around these fundamental policies. The Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala, the Ayurveda training courses in Kerala have also adopted the same. The Yoga Center in Kannur has even adopted the Panchakarma Therapy in Kerala