Springtime Detoxification

Have you ever wondered why people go for detoxification during spring? Let me give you a detailed version of this solution. ‘Ama’ builds up in our body all year long and in the winter the ama gets frozen or stuck within the walls of the channel. When summer arrives, these frozen wastes starts to melt and the body channels get flooded with toxins. Right after summer, we move to spring where the body is naturally trying to eliminate these unwanted wastes and it is the ideal time to support our body in this role.

No matter how disciplined your diet or lifestyle is, accumulation of ama is something that is unavoidable and keeping your body toxin-free should always be a necessity. In the present age, everything from the foods and drinks we consume to the air we breathe all contains pollutants of some kind. Most of the Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala revolve around these fundamental policies. The Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala, the Ayurveda training courses in Kerala have also adopted the same. The Yoga Center in Kannur has even adopted the Panchakarma Therapy in Kerala.