Ayurveda and Breakfast

Ask any diet expert and they will tell you that skipping a meal in order to lose weight could well be one of the stupidest things to do. Skipping breakfast is like throwing yourself under a bus as it is that harmful to the body. It upsets all three of the doshas. Many of us skip breakfast primary due to two reasons:

           1.        We are busy and or running late

           2.        We are not hungry

The first problem has an easy fix. Plan your next day and wake up early. The second problem has several healthy fixes to it.

            •          Rehydrating your body with fresh and natural fruit juices

            •          Avoid orange juice as it is more acidic

            •          Ensure they are pure juices

•          They should be drunk at nearly the room temperature and should never be ice-cold

            •          Cooked apples, eaten first thing is also extremely nutritional

In fact, Ayurveda, recommends that fruits should be eaten first thing in the morning, 30 minutes before other breakfast items.

Most of the Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala revolve around combating these fundamental issues. The Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala, the Ayurveda training courses in Kerala have also adopted the same. The Yoga Centre in Kannur has even adopted the Panchakarma Therapy in Kerala.