Artificial Sweeteners and Ayurveda

Artificial sweeteners are chemically synthesized or derived from Natural sources substitute for actual sugar. There are a lot of speculations regarding artificial sweeteners and their effects on the body but the bottom line is there is absolutely no conclusive evidence which suggests that artificial sweeteners will cause an increased appetite or weight gain. However, a majority of the studies show that blood sugar will be affected by artificial sweeteners. When we eat anything sugary or if the body believes we are eating anything sugary it will release insulin. In artificial sweeteners there little to no amounts of sugar, therefore, the insulin will still act upon it and would inevitably cause low blood sugar which would, in turn, result in simple carbohydrate cravings thereby increasing the calorie count.

Most of the Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala revolve around educating the short and long term effects of these fundamental issues. The Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala, the Ayurveda training courses in Kerala have also adopted the same. The Yoga Center in Kannur has even adopted the Panchakarma Therapy in Kerala.