Alluminium Intoxication

Aluminium is a metal which we are all familiar with as it is used in several common substances in our daily life. It makes up about 8% it of the Earth surface and is found in plenty within the earth's crust. It is abundantly used in food packaging and an average adult ingests about 6 to 8 milligrams per day and this translates to 0.1 % of aluminium being assimilated into the diet. There exists absolutely no debate in the toxicity of aluminium. The controversy starts when we discuss the levels which are considered safe. Besides food packaging, aluminium is otherwise assimilated due to contaminated workplaces, living environment, exposure to chronic use of aluminium via drinking water and other medical treatments. The major symptoms of aluminium toxicity include

•          Confusion

•          Seizures

•          Speech Problems

•          Bone Pain

•          Slow growth in children

Most of the Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala revolve around educating the short and long term effects of these fundamental issues. The Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala, the Ayurveda training courses in Kerala have also adopted the same. The Yoga Center in Kannur has even adopted the Panchakarma Therapy in Kerala.